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2012 Hawaii United Okinawa Association Okinawan Festival


Helping out in the

Okidog Booth

September 2, 2012 at Kapiolani Bandstand Park


Hui Makaala club volunteers came out in force to man the Okidog booth all day on Sunday at the HUOA Okinawan Festival.  What is an okidog?  It is a burrito made up of a tortilla, with  chili and a hot dog rolled up on one side, and shoyu pork and lettuce rolled up on the other.  It is a crazily delicious festival tradition!  In addition, our booth also dished out chili bowls and chili frank plates.  Thank you to our many volunteers who worked hard in the hot booth!  Special thanks to Michelle Nitta and Dennis Shimabukuro who helped organize the troops!


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